We live on a very small planet, located in a very small Galaxy, surrounded by Billions of Galaxies. Our planet, along with several others rotates around our Star that we call our Sun – and everything; the Sun, the planets and the Galaxy itself are in constant motion. We are part of that. If we fly to our own Moon, rotating and revolving around our Earth, we can only see a planet of earth, water and clouds; we – are invisible – but we are here.

Our little Galaxy has been floating around for over 7 Billion years – constantly changing and being changed. Our little planet is just right in relation to our Sun for life to begin and to grow. The seeds have been planted deep in the Earth and with the right chemicals available, life began it’s journey in the Seas many Billions of years ago, eventually with the right conditions, moving onto land. We are part of that journey; we share a common Planet within a particular Galaxy to be participants in the journey of Creation – and we share that journey with all plants and animals; who have gone before us and who will come after us.

On this journey that we share, we discover that we are co-dependent on each other. We need each other for food, for energy, and for life. We depend on the Oceans, the Seas and Lakes and the Rivers. We depend on the Forests and the Mountains and the extreme diversity of life, Life itself is a miracle in creation. Creation is not a noun; it is a verb. We and all living creatures need each other to participate in this journey that is ongoing. We are products of the Earth itself – products of the stars.

Each animal; each person is different and unique. We each reflect the presence of the Spirit of God that spoke and life came forth and God saw that it was good. And God created Man and Woman in God’s own image and saw that it was very good. Male and Female alike, in God’s Image. And then according to the Scriptures of Wisdom, God said to them: Take care of this earth and all living creatures. They and you are Sacred and Holy. Jesus called his disciples to become Adults – to become responsible for our world and for one another – especially the marginalized, the sick and the poor To become Stewards – to care for our world and all of life. Life itself is a reflection of the Face of God and we are called to be in life-giving relationship to God; to one another and to ourselves – a trinity of Relationship on the Cross that through death, gives birth to new life – a life that cannot be overcome by death or darkness.

All Life Matters: No matter what the color – the sexual status – the economic or class status, the intellectual ability or any other artificial division that we might want to create. We are One Creation – sharing in the breath of the one Creator God – and called to take care of one another. We are called to gather in Communion with each other, feeding and healing one another; recognizing that we are all imperfect, a little blind and lame, ignorant of the world around us and even of our own inner selves to a great degree. The opposite of love is not hate – it is indifference. We are called, with the Disciples of Jesus, to open our eyes and our hearts – to let go of the narrow worship and/or addiction to self and to allow ourselves to embrace all of creation that is moving on our Common Journey of Life and trusting in the Holy Spirit.


With our World struggling right now, with the present Pandemic, Climate Change and Global Warming, as well the the Mass Migrations of people looking for food, water and shelter for their families, it is time to tear down the walls and as Pope Francis has suggested; build bridges. It seems time to let go of our anger and blaming others for our common problems and to begin the process of coming together and finding solutions without jealousy or greed. Community is when and where we learn to trust and work as one people – one creation. With our resources of instant world wide communication skills, much like when we set a goal of reaching the moon and back within a 10 year frame – we can do accomplish great goals. I remember the goal of the Moon and back, the elimination of Polio and the construction of the Interstate Highway System among many other accomplishments. Change is the only Constant: We can choose death and darkness or we can choose light and life – it is up to us. Global Warming is here and the Pandemic is here and many choose to panic or to ignore the signs. THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES:

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